Converting Schlage locks from wink2 to Hubitat

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Hi, I am new to the hubitat, so pardon any dumb questions.
I am starting the conversion process from 2 Wink2 hubs plus a Lutron Bridge (i just ordered a PRO2 replacement for that) .
while i an waiting for my replacement bridge so i can connect around 40 lighting dimmers 10 fan 4 speed switches, and a bunch of pico remotes, i thought I would start by adding the 2 BE468 schlage locks that work great with Wink.

So, i have a few questions, because I don't think I started the process correctly and I'm lost.

  1. Instructions in the app for hubitat recommend deleting and reentering codes. Does that include the two default codes that came with the lock and if I do that do I somehow delete and reenter the programming codes as well?
  2. I am planning on adding third deadbolt lock to my system for the exterior man door to attached garage, plus i would electrifying a push button lock for the sliding glass door..
  3. need to interface with Alexa as well as ADT security system. ( locks were purchased separately from ADT system)

So, would you recommend staying with the Z-Wave plus or should I switch to zigbee for the additional locks? If I switch then I will need a different app to control them or can just put separate buttons in a dashboard? The reason I ask this is it would be nice to get a fingerprint control for the sliding door, if I can find one that has decent reviews and from what I've seen most of then seem to be Wi-Fi?

Any guidance on setup would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm a wink refugee myself!

Welcome to Hubitat!

I myself don't have experience with that lock. But lots of very informed people do on these boards. I bet they just missed your thread. So giving you a bump so more eyes can see it and help you out!

Having fun automating!

First - welcome to the community!
Second - please don't try to add them all at once. Rome wasn't built in a day. Take your time and repair your mesh after you add a few things. Slow and steady will be your best answer on this.

In my OPINION, I would take notes on codes and reset the locks completely before adding them to HE. It's a pain, but locks are a pain. If they're z-wave you'll have troubles. I have one z-wave lock and it's been somewhat stable for me, but not everyone is as lucky. If you can go with zigbee, then that's your better choice. I have a zwave plus repeater in line with my lock and several wired z-wave switches. I think that's why I've been lucky with mine. The z-waves like to be paired close to the hub and then moved. Whenever you change your z-wave mesh, make sure you run a repair after you're done. That's why I recommend working slowly on this.

And, again. As enticing as it may be to go to town on adding things. Start with wired devices first to build your mesh. Start close to the hub and work away and don't add too many at one time. You'll toss things up pretty good and it'll be less stressful if you do this slowly.

Good luck!

thanks for the advise
what would happen if I diid a clean shut down of the Hub and temporarily moved it closer to the devices I want to join and once the device is connected, move the hub back to its final resting place?

Also when the directions for the locks say it needs a hub is that the hubitat or do I need different hub? how do gxet them communicating ? Attached to this is as far as hi got.

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I appears to me that your lock is paired. I use an app called lock manager, to program my codes. And yes, you may bring the hub closer to your device to pair. I only recommend this on a few devices because pairing in place seems to keep unknown problems from happening. if you can click on that device and unlock and lock it via the app, then your lock is paired correctly. Make sure that you're repairing your zwave mesh after making changes to it. Keep in mind if that lock is zwave, you'll want some good repeaters on your network. And don't expect it to work flawlessly. The zwave version is officially unsupported in HE.

There have been several posts of fragile power ports on the hub, so if you do move it, take extreme care as not to disturb the plug on your hub. Mine is fine because I have one of the older models, but others have had problems with it. Just a word of warning. And don't do this with every device. You'll have more problems. Unless it's a lock always pair in place if you can. Take any moveable plugs closer to the hub to pair. IE- iris plugs for zwave repeating

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