Converting Hue Light Level to Lux

A fair amount of my interior motion sensors are Hue. Motion capability aside, I use their light sensor to drive various automations. Recently I realized that the illuminance metric for them is not reported in lux. It appears to be a number (percentage) from 0-100, where 100 is very bright and 0 is completely dark.

Since all my automations that use illuminance assume that the unit of measure is lux, I clearly have a problem. Yes I could simply change all the illumination thresholds in RM and other apps, but I'd have to do that only for certain sensors (the Hues); it's a bit brute force. I like elegant and simple. I could also create a virtual illuminance sensor for every Hue Motion and have a rule that does the conversion from level to lux, but that seems like a lot of extra devices -- juice doesn't seem worth the squeeze.

Ideally, the driver would handle the conversation of Hue light level to lux, but I'm not sure if that's correct, nor how to do it even if it were. This thread addresses the conversion math which peaked my interest further. Or could this be a firmware issue?

I'm keen to hear what folks think. I can't find anything in this community on this issue, which surprises me. BTW, in my environment, this only seems to be an issue with the regular interior Hue Motion Sensor. The exterior Hue Motion units seem to report illuminance in lux. TIA....

For the answer, please see Hue Motion Sensor (Outdoor) False Trigger in the Cold? - #17 by mluck

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