Converting garage door motor

Hi all,

I currently have an old Merlin garage door motor (M230T) which is RF based with rolling codes so unfortunately I can't use my Broadlink RMPro to operate it.
Since I'm not in a position to upgrade the motor any time soon, I was thinking about a work around.

Apparently the motor I have can be operated through a switch with physical wiring. I.e. a doorbell type switch connected to the back panel of the motor.

Is there any zigbee device that anyone knows off that can perform a simple physical switch function without needing to be connected to the mains power?


Without some extensive research, I will say no. Switches or relays require quite a bit of power, so you would be replacing batteries very often if such a device exists.

So why the "no mains power" requirement?

That is very easy. Some have used a smart outlet, and a relay to build a device to trigger the door.

Couple of examples, there are more if you search. Click "show details" below.


ZigBee or Zwave on/off switch for garage door opener - #8 by chipworkz

Garage Door Set Up - #2 by aaiyar

Current Recommend Garage Door Opener/Closer - #9 by iskren.p.petkov

There are many dedicated relays/door openers. For example, the Zooz Zen16, but that is Zwave. I am not aware of any similar Zigbee devices, but might exist.

And double edit here, probably every solution you find for door openers will require mains power.

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It might be possible you could find an additional garage RF remote and operate it with the Zen16 from a place with Mains power.

Yep, that also is documented somewhere on this site. Basically you end up "pushing" the button on the garage remote with this or a similar device.

Edit: found it.


Sorry for the confusion about not wanting it to be mains powered.
The reason I stated it, was because I was thinking along the lines of a lighting switch which passes on the mains power to the circuit.
If that were to happen, I assume it would blow out the control panel on the back of the motor :slight_smile:

The device itself can certainly be mains powered, it just can't pass any voltage to the physical switch if that makes sense. The way I understood my garage door motor to work, was that the back control panel has several terminals which, if you close the loop by way of physical switch, would engage the motor to open or close the garage door.
Hope I'm making more sense now...

Thanks for the answers so far, I've had a quick scan and it certainly looks promising.
@neonturbo I have no soldering skills whatsoever! Fortunately I don't need to hack into the remote control as I can hook up directly to the motor :smiley:

It looks like the Zooz would be perfect, were it not for the fact that I have an Aussie hubitat so the ZWave freqency is different :frowning:

Wow, that would be supereasy actually! Just need to find a basic relay then... :+1:
Any examples of what I could use?

I use Shelly 1's on my garage doors, they are WiFi not Z wave or Zigbee. but the are very simple to set up and they are natively supported in HE + there is a community driver that's adds some extra functionality.

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I have a firbo double relay on my garage door its z-wave though.
Have the driver auto off set to 0.5 sec

You can use this MS-104Z Zigbee switch module as a "Dry Contact Relay" to close the circuit for your garage door opener.

Works with the HE Generic Zigbee Switch driver.
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I've got one of those is that what the L1 is for?

Unless I am looking at that wrong, I don't think it has isolated switch contacts. I don't think this is suitable by itself.

It appears to be another hot (line) output.

Yes, all it does is open/close contacts between "LOUT" and "L1".

Pretty simple when used as a Dry Contact Relay.
It's also possible to control it with a pushbutton wired from "S1" to "L", just be aware that it will need to be rated for the supply voltage (90VAC - 250VAC).
Probably easier and cheaper to put a Sonoff SNZB-01 on the wall and just use the Zigbee control.

The picture is misleading, all the connections shown on the cover need to be made external to the device.
Except for the one under the "L".

Good to hear that it does have isolated contacts.

The documentation sucks for this product. I was unable to find any installation or wiring diagrams for this even on the Tuya site.

Of a sort...

Yep, saw those. But that is far from documentation of this device, and way short of what companies like Zooz, Jasco, Inovelli, Lutron, and the other reputable companies have.

Thanks for the info, works a treat.

My relay module is switching 0VDC into the specified terminals for external button.

Works in HE using the Generic Zigbee switch as recommended.

Now i need to figure out the best way to use the switch on my dashboard, For a single press to activate the relay on then off. The momentary tile does not seem to stay on long enough for the relay to activate, Has anyone else tried to set this up??


May be a little late for this suggestion, but you might consider a replacement RF receiver and transmitter (without rolling codes).

I have been using a 433Mhz dual relay for my garage (2-door 2 garage openers).
Just added a Zooz Zen17 so to control them by app and remotely to replace the MyQ trash.

Then I found this zigbee + 433Mhz dual delay
2CH DC5 32v Ewelink ZigBee Relay Module Remote Control Light Switch Vioce Alexa Google Home Sonoff/Tuya Smart Hub Gateway Bridge|Home Automation Modules| - AliExpress

This should be able to replace my Zooz+433Mhz relay setup.
Has anyone tried the this device?