Converting 2.5 Rule into 4.0 Rule

The majority of my 2.5 Rules have stopped working as a result time to convert them to 4.0 now...

Starting with this one here

I have several of the above for my Logitec Harmony Activities very simple, if the time is between 21:00 - 23:59 when the activity stops, wait X turn on the Wemo upstairs, and turn off the lights X seconds later.

This has served me well for the past year and a half, one problem is if I launch say PlayStation activity after 21:00 this RM rule would have run already, switched on the Wemo upstairs and it switches off the lights. Not ideal...

So looking at merging all the rules into one I have come up with the below now

Does anyone see any glaring problems with this? or have any suggestions to simplify it even more?

Quickly looking, you didn’t include the cancels and you’re saying any turns changed. I’m not sure that’s your intentions if you don’t care if those devices go on or off to continue down the rule.

Good spot Mike3, will need to redo the lot.