Converted SmartThings User Loves Hubitat

For those users who have considered a move from SmartThings to Hubitat, I must tell you that I am beyond impressed now that my migration is complete. Just to give you a little idea of my scale and what I have done.

  1. I have migrated 142 devices total including Z-Wave and Zigbee switches, outlets, and sensors.
  2. I have migrated 10 Amazon Echo devices including 2 Fire TV 4K sticks
    2A. I installed Echo Speaks and have it working perfectly also.
  3. I have migrated Webcore and 20 Webcore Pistons
  4. I have migrated 3 Logitech Harmony Hubs with the most complex having 10 activities the smae number of devices.
  5. I have 28 Philips Hue lights that are migrated.
  6. I have two fans and one ceiling fan light using the BOND RF controller I migrated.
  7. I have two button controllers I implemented with the aid of the button controller app.
  8. I implemented a Cast All The Things (CATT) Director to cast selected Hubitat dashboards to my TV via my Chromecast Ultra.
  9. I also associate two Google Home Assistants with my HE.
  10. I created a dozen groups and scenes with the groups and scenes app.
  11. I installed the Hubigraph app to create a weather radar for one of my dashboards.
  12. I installed the Hubitat Package Manager and it sure makes app management EASY!!!!
  13. I created 12 Hubitat Dashboards.
  14. I installed and configured the Mode Manager.
  15. I installed the MyQ Lite Integration to control my two Chamberlain garage door openers like I had in SmartThings and it works great.
  16. I installed the Notifications App to alert me on a couple automation triggers.
  17. i installed and configured Nyckelharpa's app in place of Lock Manager to manage my Iris keypad.
  18. I created a dozen rule machine rules for my simpler automations.
  19. I installed the Sonos Integration to control my Sonos Speakers.
  20. I installed and configured the Vacation/Away Lighting Director.
  21. I installed 33 custom drivers for specialized devices which is about the number I had in ST.
  22. I installed 31 custom app codes which is also comparable to what I had in ST.

The Geofence works fabulously with our phones which is way better than I can say for ST. Everything is faster because it is local. I have all my automations working and transitioned. The majority of the work was excluding my Z-Wave devices from the ST hub and including them on the HE. The same was true of my Zigbee devices. The easiest was moving the Hue lights since that just amounted to connecting the Hue Bridge to the HE and disconnecting it from the ST. I use the HE as a single point of integration for Alexa. I do everything via voice commands and it all works after the transition.

The only big change was in migrating my Webcore routines which made calls to the Harmony Hub API for device controls. The rewritten Hubitat Harmony app makes this easier in the long run. I still access my Harmony API docker image from this app. The difference is that you reference device commands from the device codes.

Oh yeah, and you can back up the HE. How great is that??? I fled from ST when they said they were removing Echo Speaks and when the migration to the new ST App was eliminating many of my custom IDE apps and drivers. I ran to HE with open arms and my experience has been stellar.

I want to thank all the community members who have answered questions along the way and I want to invite everyone to visit my website at and my bulletin board server at

My home configuration has in excess of 100 switch ports, three access points, four VLANs, two QNAP NAS's with about 60TB of net storage, and I run about a dozen LXC containers to aid in my automations. I specialize in Ubiquiti Unifi Networking configuration and also QNAP NAS.


Hey Welcome friend.
Glad to hear you're happy and things are running smoothly. Sometimes.....
people only post when they're pissed.
Be careful of "hub creep", I'm having too much fun and have 4 HE's, an ST, a Hue , a Lightify and an Aqara Hub

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Welcome! Where were you when I was moving to HE...seems like you could have knocked out my setup while on a short coffee break from doing yours. :slight_smile:

If you haven't yet, you are really going to want to use Smartly w/your version is in pre-release (below) w/cool new features:

Current release:

Pre-release for playing w/new Drag-N-Drop/ & Drag-Resize features:

Presence w/Unifi if you're interested:

And you may want to opine on this thread for general interest sake. :slight_smile:

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Great recommendations! Thanks so much. I will especially have to look at the "Smarty" dashboard goodies. I am really impressed so far and my complex environment is working spot on. I encourage you to test base if interested.

So, is there any way to tell what percentage of resources are in use on my HE?

There's this wiki about features... and there's a small section on memory.