Convert simple rule to Simple Automation Rules

I need convert a simple rule from Rule Machine to Simple Automation Rule :

Tiger is a switch, when turn on then turn off after 30 minutes.
Thanks .

The funny thing is that simple automation does not exist in simple automation. I have always been told, go use RM. Maybe this can be revisited? @bravenel

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Some people created apps to do this as well. I have a personal one that I created, @bertabcd1234 has one that uses one switch to control another, but can be used for only one switch.

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This simple rule ( RM ), lock the door when the door closed :

Garage Entry Door Lock

I don't need use a big knife to cut a lemon . Simple Automation Rules !!!

Just use

Garage Entry Door "closed"

Action: Lock: Garage Entry Door Lock

No need for "changed" and the IF-THEN.

Hi @bravenel , can I convert these rule from Rule Machine to Simple Automation Rules ?