Convert IR Remote to a Zigbee Remote (here's something I did)

OK, only because I'm pleased with myself. Here's something I did:

I have a battery powered window opener (for the bathroom, so didn't want a mains powered one) and a hand held IR remote. Great, I thought, I'll use an RM Mini 3 and learn the codes and I'll have an automated opener. Nope. It's a rolling code remote (clearly for security reasons). Bugger.

So, this is my very first foray into electronics.

I decided to look at using a Pi Zero and a relay hat to trigger the remote switches. Great. However, that is never, ever, going to run on batteries.

So, I bought:

  1. Some electronics bits
  2. A better soldering iron
  3. A better multimeter
  4. A SparkFun Thing Plus - XBee3 Micro (Chip Antenna)
  5. A box

I could have used a BLE or Wifi board (I did try both), but wanted something that would connect directly with HE.

Here it is, with lots of wire spaghetti:

On the left is the Sparkfun Xbee, in the middle is the guts of the IR remote, on the right is the little board I made with NPN transistors as switches. Add in a lithium battery and blow me down with a feather - it actually works.

I wrote a custom micropython script to code the Xbee. I wrote a custom driver for HE to treat it as a WindowShade device.

I can now control the window with voice activation :smiley:

Just need to see how long the battery lasts for, but I've integrated deep sleep into the XBee so I'm hopeful of at least a few days :slight_smile:


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