Controlling with Alexa Lag

Has anyone noticed lag with controlling switches with Alexa? Some devices are taking a while to respond to Alexa commands for turning on or off. It has taken upwards of 4-5 seconds in some cases, in other cases Alexa responds with the device being unavailable. I immediately ask to turn on the same switch and it does it after the second attempt without delay. It seems as if it is disconnecting intermittently. I have also noticed in the Alexa app that it sometimes takes a couple of seconds for device status to update as well.

This did not happen in SmartThings. It is also our primary form of turning on the light switches and the wife is not too happy at the moment.

In the Alexa app it will periodically say server unresponsive and I cannot control the device until I refresh a few times. Been like this for about 3 days or so.

If you check the news, Alexa has been having issues for a few days. Depending on your region, there might be problems.

Another thing to check is the logs. If you are spamming due to a custom driver/app, it can slow things down quite a bit. As an example, running the nest integration tends to slow Alexa due to the sheer number of logs/length of logs. Since I turned off Nest integeration, I have 10x less issue with Alexa. At this point my wife’s only complaint is that “Alexa can’t understand her”