Controlling smart plugs with an Aeotec Dual Nano switch behind wall switches

I recently installed an Aeotec Dual Nano Switch into an ancient two switch receptacle. One switch controls, front porch lights. We were hopeful the other mystery switch led to hidden wires in the ceiling. No such luck. I'd like to repurpose that unused switch on the Aeotec Dual Nano to manage a Sylvania Zigbee smart plug.

I created a Rule that checks for Living Room Wall Switch as set to on, then turns on the Sylvania Smart Plug when it sees the state as on.

Works fine when I go to the Device in Hubitat and press the on switch. Doesn't work when I flip the toggle switch on the wall.

Thanks in advance for schooling me!

Have you confirmed the device page updates to on when you turn it on from the switch?

Thanks for your reply, scunny.
I just checked the device page for the unused switch while flipping the physical switch. Current status does not change. Also just checked the other switch on the Aeotec Dual Nano Switch, the front porch lights, and it does not report a current status change on its device page either.
FYI, the parent device Aeotec Dual Nano Switch is configured as Type "Aeotec Dual Nano Switch," which assigns the child devices the Type "Generic Component Switch."

Hopefully someone can jump in here with additional help for you. I recently had similar problems and found this to be the cause but in my case it was non zwave plus devices not updating.

Wish I could help more but at least I hopefully got you headed in the right direction.

I have the Dual Nano in our Den. One switch is connected to set of recessed lights over our kitchen "bar" area the other is a power only (no load) that controls our den recessed lights. My issue has been a terrible delay in flipping the den switch on / off - like 7 seconds or so and sometimes it's not responsive at all. Toggling from HE works as expected and is very fast.

I have not had much luck with this device sadly. Am looking to swap it out with some smart switches.

Appreciate the replies, scunny and erktrek.

@scunny, are your similar problems also associated with an Aeotect Dual Nano device? Were you able to resolve the problem?

@erktrek, does your problem with delays persist?

I have a Zwave repeater I can move closer to the switch to try and eliminate Zwave communication as a factor.

I'll also dig a bit deeper into the forums on other peoples experiences with the Aeotec Dual Nano.

I am sadly quite ignorant on electricity. Wondering if the Aeotec responds differently with power only/no load.

Also wondering if the "Generic Component Switch" type might be part of the problem. There are so many switch types.

Finally, I should probably check Aeotec for firmware updates.

Thanks again.

Yes it does just checked - getting a 3-4 second delay. This is somewhat faster than the 7 second delay I was experiencing a few months ago. Also the hub is directly across the room in a closet so likely no signal issues.

I am not sure I trust the dual switch thing right now. I've had too many issues with the Aeotec and Fibaro relays to make me feel that it's a workable solution in my house.

Right next to the switch I put in a mounted Pico remote as a test and that works great but is not the right "style" for our house :neutral_face:. Will soon be replacing the Aeotec with some Zooz toggle switches.

Thanks again, @erktrek.

I will check to see if I'm experiencing delays as well.
Your point of view on the dual switches is interesting, especially with Fibaro as well.
So many people seem enamored with Shelly products lately, and they have a dual switch. Maybe I should get away from the black-magic feel of Zwave and Zigbee and revert to plain ol' wifi with Shelly.

Do those mystery wires actually have power? Without power the second switch can't trigger the Aeotec relay. I have several Aeotec single relays, and they respond well. They are only Z-wave, not plus, but generally work well.

In my case - yes hot/neutral to proper places except no load. I did try attaching an Aeotec dimmer "bypass" to see if that would help but nope. Switch #1 which is connected to a load works but that's to be expected.

Thanks for your message, @Rxich. The mystery wires go to a mystery load, which metered at zero. The dual switch is powered by a single set of wires now and both child switches work under program control. Please tell me if I'm missing something.

@erktrek Just read a few of your posts from the past on the Aeotec Dual Nano switch. Did you try the Qubino driver? Are you using a modified driver now? Thank you.

Yes tried both and had varying amounts of success. Even ported over a driver from Smart Things. It was a bunch of firmware revisions ago so things may have changed. I also had a Fibaro dual relay that died on me as well.

For my situation there seems to be too much work involved in getting these to function properly if that is even possible when I can just replace them with newer smart switches. Worth the sunk cost..

Yes, I fall for the sunk cost fallacy often. I'm a former Wink user and made the switch over the Christmas holiday. Learned quickly that time spent per device, not the money, is my real governing constraint. I think I'll repurpose the Aeotec Dual nano where I don't need physical switches and buy something that integrates on the first try. Shoulda done my homework better. Grateful for your help.

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Have you seen the Zooz Zen34?

This seems like a decent alternative to the Lutron Pico if you have paddle/decora style switches. Sadly we have toggles at our house.

We have toggles too. Old house. Yes, style matters, mostly to the other person who lives here.

I can think of a few nice applications for this switch. Thanks for the heads up!

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Ha! I hear you!!!! That's why my basement has (most of) my Lutron stuff.. it's hidden away out of sight and therefore "allowed". :rofl:

No, mine are with non plus GE devices.

Looks like Zooz is committed to writing drivers for Hubitat as well. Great information. Thanks.

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Thanks for your help.