Controlling Smart Life & Govee lights question

Greetings everyone, new Hubitat (and smart device) user here.
I purchased the Hubitat Elevation along with six Smart Life RGBW bulbs and two Govee LED strips.
I was under the misunderstanding that if HE was compatibile with Google Home and IFTTT, and the devices were also compatible with them.. that they would function together. I was wrong lol. Now i have six bulbs and two strips i can control just fine with Google Home, but i also have a Hubitat sitting on a shelf doing absolutely nothing. I had planned to purchase some sensors to automatically control the lights, but im wondering if there is a point now.

ACTUAL QUESTION: Is there a way to control unsupoorted wifi lights via another method using the Hubitat? For instance, can i have the Hubitat issue IFTTT commands and let IFTTT translate to the lights? Open for suggestions and recommendations here.

Hubitat Elevation x1
Smart Life (Suoye) TB85 RGBW Bulbs x6
Govee H6160 LED strips x2

I'm open to recommendations on which smart bulbs and strips will work with the Hubitat, but wont break my bank. The whole reason i chose these bulbs and strips were the price points. $10 per bulb (sale) and $15 per strip (sale.) Thanks again.

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I'm in the same boat here with the Govee light strips. I guess I should have double-checked the list of compatible devices (google it, they won't let me link it) before I bought them. The price was too good though @ $34 for 16 foot compared to the $80 for a 6-foot philips hue light strip.

So we can discover together, if you can control the light strip through IFTTT, can you setup a trigger from Hubitat to send to IFTTT? I know Hubitat and IFTTT can work together, it's just a matter of how many hoops to jump through.

You can have a virtual switch in Hubitat directly connected to IFTTT. However, IFTTT is notoriously slow with some integrations and also you will be dependent on their servers. If they have an outage, the strips won't work.

In this case, it would need to work in the other direction. Hubitat triggers a IFTTT device...

That's exactly what @Ryan780 described.

A change in the state of a Hubitat virtual switch (exposed to IFTTT) would serve as an IFTTT trigger. The action for that trigger would be to change the state of some other IFTTT-connected device.

I have a dozen plus of the Teckin sp10 plugs that used the smart life app also will work with the TuYa app.

These are eap8266 modules and you can convert them to Tasmota and talk to them directly without cloud involvement.

Search for markus’ Tasmota convert on this forum.