Controlling Scene with Simple Automation Rule Help

I created a Scene called NightLight which sets two different types of bulbs to a warm color temp and 1% dimmer level. When I turn them ON and OFF via the device page they work perfectly. I wanted to automate this behavior so I setup a Simple Automation to turn on at 10pm and off at 5:01am as I have other automations triggered for 5am to turn different lights on.

Like clockwork it turns on as expected at 10pm but does not turn off at 5am. I turned on logging and the only thing I see is

2021-01-29 05:01:00.057 am infoNight Lights (Night): 10PM to 5AM anti-Turn On

but there is no corresponding off for the Scene or the individual bulbs.

I don't understand why this simple rule is not working. I have a bunch of other simple automations controlling Groups and they are rock solid. The only difference for this one is that I am controlling a scene instead of a group.

I did read the manual and poked around in past threads but I couldn't find this issue addressed. Also, I've been getting almost daily updates to V2.2.5 and I have the latest installed as of this morning which is

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.