Controlling a smartlife switch/device with Hubitat

I have a bunch of smartlife devices, flair vents, and ecobee thermostats. I was wondering if there's a way to get them to interact with hubitat. I looked at a SONOFF Bridge, but not sure that would work. I was also thinking about a Raspberry Pi with Home Assistant and have HA find the connected devices. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Depending on the age of the devices I believe you may be able to flash them with a version of tasmota firmware, but proceed with caution, and without too much help from me....

I bought them within the last 2 years

Probably still in the "grey area", from what I understand...

As far as ecobee goes you could look at ecobee suite to control it. Are the flair vents controlled through the ecobee or something else.

Ecobee suite does have a helper app to control vents. Depending on how those vents integrate though the helper app may be more problems then it is worth.

I found a solution that works really well on this thread

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