Controlling a room with multiple lights

I have my hue lights connect to hubitat and I can turn them on or off individually however how do I turn say all of the lights on in a room. I thought I’d say Alexa front room lights on but I get the dreaded not configured option. I’ve placed the lights within hubitat into rooms. I feel I’m missing something obvious!

Create a group of your devices

Then, add that group to your alexa skill. Alexa will say 'discovered new device' and your group name. then you can issue Alexa commands via voice to that group!

Ah perfect, thanks I’ll give it a go tomorrow!

You can also skip creating the group in Hubitat and put the devices in a Room/Group in Alexa. It comes out cleaner in Alexa this way, as groups in Hubitat just look like a switch to Alexa. I have a bunch of lights in my Kitchen and I can just say turn on the Kitchen lights. I also made a scene in Hubitat for a specific setup I like so I can also call out the name of that scene specifically.

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Cheers will give that a go too!

As yet another option, are your Hue lights on a Hue Bridge, and if so, is the Bridge connected to Alexa directly? You can do it either way (Hue Bridge to Alexa; or Hue Bridge to Hubitat to Alexa), though I prefer the former since there are few advantages to putting Hubitat in between if I don't need to (you may need to: Hue doesn't support multiple Bridges this way, but even with a single Bridge you'd get instant status updates on Hubitat that you'd otherwise have to poll for from the Bridge).

If you're doing it that way, the other option is to create a room or zone in the Hue app, which will get exposed to Alexa in the same way as a Hubitat group. I prefer doing this if possible, since it uses group broadcasting on the Hue/Zigbee side, so it's fewer commands over both your LAN/Internet and your Zigbee network, so it's generally faster and more reliable. But luckily, Hue tends to be reliable enough either way that it would probably work without this optimization, too (especially if you're only talking a few bulbs at a time).

You can do group broadcasting if these are bulbs paired directly to Hubitat as Zigbee devices, too; it's an option in the Group app when you set up the group. But if paired directly, I'd caution you about the "bulb problem" where many Zigbee bulbs are known to be bad repeaters for non-bulb Zigbee devices (sensors, etc.) on your network and may cause problems ... but that's a different issue. :slight_smile:

Ahh yes, this is what I do with my two hue bulbs (hey I got them for free with a bridge way back when..). The two bulbs AND the room get sent to Alexa, and I just have the bulbs disabled in Alexa as individual devices so she doesn't get confused, and only use the group to turn adjust.