Controlling a RGB lightbulb with a Build Server Status?

Has anyone written a rule to control a lightbulb with the status of a build server? i.e. Turn the bulb red when the build fails, green for succeeds, pulsing for building...etc etc?

Ideally I would want to run it off of a Azure Devops pipeline.

Great idea. Let me chat with my buddy over in the Azure world and see if he's spun anything like this up...

I've been looking around, there are some apis like this returning pictures

but I'm struggling to find an actual json response.

I'm also new to hubitat so I'm not sure how to set up a Rule to poll the api and react to the response.

Here is the reference he sent me. A little app could parse the GET response from the build state. I actually went over this in my first Coding with the Community episode, so it could be a great way to get to learn Groovy :slight_smile:

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