Control4 Zigbee Pro switches/dimmers

Hi guys.

I am a certified control4 tech. I have a control4 system in my house decked out with Alexa integration etc. I bought a hubitat because I always like to see what competition is out there and like to stay on top of emerging tech.

I have a bunch of switches and dimmers in my house and was trying to see if hubitat could talk to them. I was able to join a test switch to the hub, but thats as far as I got. I chose a generic zigbee switch as the type but I wasn't able to turn the switch on and off. The more I have read it seems control4 uses a proprietary profile with their zigbee so it doesn't play nice like the other profiles the zigbee switches/dimmers use.

Just wondering if anyone had made any headway trying the same with theirs?

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There are no control4 devices on the supported devices list. From what I know, which is not as much as others on here, control4 is not Zigbee HA protocol which is what Hubitat uses. By "generic zigbee switch", I assume you meant a control4 switch so it would likely not work. I am curious why you would not know this with your being a

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I don't really have insight into the inner workings of control4 devices, I am just an installer and work for a dealer so I have never really looked into how the zigbee on control4s eco system differed from the rest of the industry.

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It's not just control4 that is different. There are other devices also that are Zigbee but not Zigbee HA compliant. Some are closer than others but most have issues or won't work at all if you try to use them on a Zigbee HA system. Zigbee certified and/or compliant devices will be listed at

I pretty much figured I'd be out to lunch with the control4 gear but thought I'd ask anyways as I had a glimmer of hope when I read that someone had developed some code to partially run some c4 gear with smart things hub but I didn't know how reliable it was.

I'll be looking at some replacement switches and dimmers, maybe a mix of different brands to really test out how the rest of the home automation industry work

Control4 Zigbee is different. Vendors like Sinope sell Control4 versions that are identical in every other way.


Curious, being an installer of a control 4 system what are the uptimes with outages with these units ?

It’s like any install, depends how well the system is designed in terms of power stability and battery backup, also size of controller vs how many devices you are running on it.

We’ve had some systems that only need a reboot once a year and have had system that’s need a couple reboots a year. No different than a PC as it’s running busybox linux.

We always suggest a ups on the system but we have had some customers from takeover jobs where the other company just plugged into the wall so power fluctuations would cause certain processes on the controller to lock up and you’d lose control of zigbee or navigator etc

I have also seen in the last couple years with the heavy push on new GUI and new adoption of IP control that some of the firmware releases for the controllers has caused some random lockup’s and I’ve read from other dealers about some weird issues as well. I’m not downplaying Control4 at all it’s a great platform but I’m also honest in what I have seen first hand and read on forums etc


Thanks for sharing with us all.

I’m truly looking forward to seeing what this hubitat can do. I love diy friendly devices and love tinkering and you can’t really do that with Control4 unless you are a dealer or work for one that gives you access to composer which is their programming software.

I know there are some things I won’t be able to do natively out of the box but like I said I love diy and figuring out alternative solutions to reach the same end goal

Support has also been very responsive so far with my questions so that’s great to see

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I remember @patrick did some work on control4 devices to work on Smartthings a while back. Not sure he's around but probably the best guy to ask.

He has been quite on the forums and his LinkedIn profile is showing his time with Hubitat "Oct 2017 – Sep 2019"

Did he leave the company ?

It is possible to support these, I almost started this effort, it wouldn't be any different that what and how we supported the alertMe profile iris v1 devices.
We decided against spending any time towards that end given the plethora of existing stock devices that exist.


appreciate all the replies gentlemen.


Hi all - I realize this is an old thread but figured it might be helpful to some. I was able to add the original SmartThings driver by @patrick to Hubitat with almost no modifications. After doing this, I unpaired my dimmer from the mesh (13-4-13 up-down-up), set it to identify mode (4 up), and was able to add it to Hubitat as a Zigbee device. Note, I'm a software engineer but have no experience writing drivers so I can't guarantee there won't be issues!

Modified driver code: