Control Zooz ZEN51 relays connected to ST from HE

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but here' goes. I have recently migrated over to HE from ST, but the Aeotec post-IDE transition ST. I am wanting to get deeper into customization and rules, and ST wasn't working with my ideas to use my Ecobee sensors plus other sensors to control temp. Anyway, I have a few Zooz ZEN51 relays paired with the ST hub. Is it possible to control these from HE without repairing? I see it used to be possible with HubConnect, but that's dead now since the end of 2022. Of course I'd really like to not have to take down fixtures to repair, which is why I'm searching for a different solution.

Thanks for the help and advice.

Do you have a switch connected to them at all? I think you can go into exclusion/inclusions with a switch. Ok Maybe not, was thinking of another Zooz device.

Also, check out this app to sync the devices form ST to Hubitat:

That did it, thank you!