Control top rail on Graber Top Down/Bottom Up Shade?


I'm new to HE and have new Graber top down/bottom up shades that I added as a "Graber Shade Controller" and shows as a Generic Z-Wave Shade device in Device Settings.

I would like to control/move the TOP rail down so that natural light comes in from above. However, in HE, I can only move the BOTTOM rail up using open/close/position commands. When I use the Graber Premium remote to move the top rail down, and I look at the debug info, it says the shade is still in position 0. When I move the top rail back up. Shade is still in position 0.

Do I need a different driver or custom driver? Or do I need to somehow mimic the Graber Premium remote that is also paired with HE?

I tried a bunch of searches and read many threads, but can't find anything understandable. Apologies if this is a noob question. TIA!

Not sure how you are pairing it with HE - is this Graber TDBU a zigbee or zwave device?

My TDBU RF rather than zigbee/zwave, so mine are paired to the Bond Bridge which then sends a signal to Hubitat. The way I did it was to tell the Hubitat that the top and bottom bars are different shades.

So I paired the top bar as a shade I call top bar which in Hubitat is a separate device than the bottom bar on the same shade. When I want the top to go down partway, I have to tell the shade to close even though the top bar going down really opens the shade. When I want the top bar to go up, I have to tell it to open, even though that closes the shade. I wish Hubitat would just call it Up & Down.

The Graber TDBU I have is zwave. The default inclusion only recognizes the bottom bar so I can't even access the top bar.