Control of HTML title tag for Dashboards for Room or Dashboard Name

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I saw this feature request closed back in 2022 without any explanation included for the closure. I now have multiple Hubitat hubs with cases where I have more than one very useful dashboard associated with each hub. I believe it would really be a very nice enhancement if the name of the browser tab which has a dashboard open could be somehow specified to reflect the "room" for a dashboard assignment or simply the dashboard name. Right now the concept of rooms seems to have minimal exploitation in HE and dashboard names are only useful in selecting a dashboard to open but not in navigating from one dashboard to another if more than one is open in a browser window.

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I can agree to seeing the Dashboard Name in the title of the browser tab / window, but am not sure how you expect to see the Room? There is currently no association between a Dashboard and a Room that I am aware of.

Also, I'm not sure what you mean by this:

There are dashboard links available as a tile. Do these not suit what you are after? Granted there are some nuances to using these around some legacy issues, but I would be interested to understand what exactly your issues are here.

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I use HE along with zooz relays to control my 11 zone sprinkling system which also includes a pump for a well. I find it very useful to have a dashboard dedicated to simply the sprinkling system. I am also using my C7 hub to try and learn webcore and develop some graphs and analysis for items like attic temperature and energy consumption, etc.. Ease of navigation between tabs without having to memorize what each tab contains is my goal. I'm an engineer which means I have some personality anomalies like wanting a unit of measure with a number and a meaningful name for a browser tab. :slight_smile:

Ok, that makes sense.

Don't worry, you are amongst friends here :wink: I also trained as a software engineer but landed in the Data space, so can appreciate your tendencies for order and naming conventions :slight_smile: ... Strangely something I am looking at right now for work....

Like I mentioned earlier, I think it is a good suggestion to at least have the dashboard name in the browser tab title.

In terms of Rooms, there is currently no direct link between a Dashboard and a Room, and I suspect it may not come, or if it does, it may be a way down the line of enhancements related to expanding the Rooms feature.

Regardless of the outcome for associating Rooms and Dashboards, I would suggest the name of the Dashboard could include some reference to the Room it is related to. If nothing else, it would help when looking at the list of Dashboards in either the Mobile App or the Web UI, plus it would include the Room in the name when including a Dashboard Link tile in a dashboard.

Since HE rooms has no function other than to group devices on one HE webpage, I built a room simulator app.
Basically an array of room number, room image, room name and room size so I could do some fun things with image backgrounds in Tile Builder. It's sorta working - assigning attributes allows me to call them as a device in Tile Builder - it's rudimentary but that the only way I know. You can't do a find devices by room, load room image in HE that I'm aware. I know the HE guys do it but there are no public examples I'm aware of.
HE gives you this but I've no idea how to call it
so I made this:

kludgy I know.
Assembled - (I can see some minor location problems - like 1px off etc)

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