Control LED of Inovelli Red Dimmer when other switch or Alexa turns off the light

I have 2 Philips Hue bulbs in 1 reading lamp. I have created Button Controller rules for an Inovelli Red Dimmer to turn on the upper lamp with button 1 pushed, the lower lamp with a double click (button 2 pushed) and both with a triple click (button 3 pushed). Pushing the config button (button 7) turns on the upper lamp to 35%. Likewise, button 1 held = upper bulb off, 2 held = lower bulb off and 3 held = both off. So far, so good.

However, I often turn them on via the physical switch (which only has a line, neutral and ground) but use Alexa to turn them off. When I do that the LED stays fully on.

I have the same type of situation with another Red Dimmer and a Fan+Light. (Turning the Fan+Light on via the RD, but turn it off either from the Fan+Light's physical switch or via Alexa).

Can someone please give me an idea for creating a rule that will turn the respective RD's LED off when they lights are off and also say making the LED 50% when only one of the bulbs is on for the reading lamp. I've done some stuff in Rule Machine, but they were actually so simple I have since moved those rule to basic apps like the Button Controller.


It's seems like I'm missing something from your description: is there something now that handles turning the LED bar off when you turn the lights off via other means? If you have local control disabled, then the LED bar should stay on at all times--or, really, do whatever you have it configured to do--so I'm assuming you have something for that already? Sharing that would be helpful. If you are using the dimmers in sort of "dumb mode" and just don't care because there's no attached load (sounds like there might not be, so maybe you are?), then the dimmer will handle that internally like normal, and a simple rule that turns the dimmer on or off when the Hue bulbs (or whatever "primary" device you'd like to follow with the LED bar) do the same would work.

But, again, this all depends on your existing setup.

Sorry I wasn't clear. Let's just stick with the lamp first. I have a Red Dimmer with only a line, neutral and ground attached to it. There is no load for it. To have it turn on my Hue bulbs I created Button Controller rules for the various push/holds. When I turn on the lights that way the LED comes on as would be expected.

What I want to create is some way for the LED for that RD to be turned off when I have Alexa turn off the light or set the LED a certain amount when I tell Alexa to turn on the upper, lower or both lights. I'm wondering if there is a easy way to do it. I'm thinking maybe to create a variable that is 0 if both lights are off, 1 if the upper one is on, 2 if lower one is on and 3 if both are on. Then a Select Case type of construct (I'm using the terminology from VBA which is the only programming language I really know) like this:
Select Case myVar:
Case 0
LED = Off
Case 1
LED = 33% on
Case 2
LED = 66% on
Case 3
LED = 100%
End Select

Plus, I'm not sure how I can get Alexa to trigger off the rule.

Hope that helps explain it.


To get there, I'd use a rule triggered by any of the lights changing their switch (on/off) state. I wouldn't worry about Alexa specifically; this would capture these events, no matter how they are generated.

I'd use a local variable to count the number that are currently on, then set the LED appropriately, so maybe something like:

  • Create a local variable of type number. Let's call it numberOn. Set the initial value to 0.
  • Create a new Rule 4.1 (or 4.0) and set it up like below:

Triggers: Light 1, Light 2, Light 3 any *changed*

Actions to run:

Set numberOn to 0
IF (Light 1 on) Set numberOn to numberOn + 1
IF (Light 2 on) Set numberOn to numberOn + 1
IF (Light 3 on) Set numberOn to numberOn + 1
IF (numberOn = 0) THEN
  Off: Inovelli LED Child
ELSE-IF (numberOn = 1) THEN
  Dim: Inovelli LED Child to 30%
ELSE-IF (numberOn = 2) THEN
  Dim: Inovelli LED Child to 60%
  Dim: Inovelli LED Child to 100%

It's a bit of work to set up if you have multiple lights to evaluate, but that would basically be one way you can do it. (If you aren't familiar with RM, note that the first four actions are "simple conditionals," which we can use here because you only have one condition to test and one action to run; the last several are "regular" conditionals, which lets you use ELSE-IF, nice here since only one of these conditions will be true, and requires closing out with an END-IF.)

Also, the LED bar really only has ten levels (one of which is off), so I'm using 30% and 60% above to make the rounding more predictable, but you can fiddle with any of this as needed.

Hope that helps you get started!

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I would create four virtual switches - one for each state (A, B, AB, 00). Set the auto-off feature so the switch is almost always off. Then create a rule for each switch; the triggers would be the switch getting turned on and the actions would set the desired state of the lights and control of the led strip.

Configure four of the Innoveli switch buttons to match and makes sure the virtual switches are included in the Echo Skill app.

Mike M

Thanks all for the suggestions. I'll take a look at them.