Control issues with GLEDOPTO ZigBee LED Strip Controller

Added the " GLEDOPTO ZigBee LED Strip Controller RGB CCT 1ID" without any issues. Configured as a "Generic ZigBee RGBW Light". The problem occurs when trying to move the sliders and change the colors. After you make a selection, the sliders & color selections change by themselves. Like if I slide the brightness to 75%, a second or two later the slider will randomly move to 43% or if I select a color, it'll randomly move to another one. If I set the Temperature to 6500K, it will suddenly change itself to 6535K and the slider will go all the way to the left. See picture.

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I validate this.
sometimes, when the light color is above 5000K, it slides itself to a lower value. And I noticed the level random change.

For me it's not a real problem because I change those values through RM4 and never through the tiles (except some like ON/OFF and preset values)

I also get this phenomenon, but for me it seems to be that the slider is updating back to whatever the device is telling it is the latest setting. So you put in the command to the slider, it changes to where your finger is, then almost immediately pings back to whatever state the light currently is as it's making the change. I've found if I then leave the slider alone, it does tend to settle at the requested position.

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