Control Hyperion with Hubitat

Hey guys,
For a while I've had govee reactive TV lights on my living room TV, activated by a lutron pico switch, through the govee api. The lighting was ....ok...but still cool. Today, however I just finished a long time project of getting Hyperion, on a Pi, working with a TV capture card. The effect is night and day, compared to the govee, with relies on a camera seeing the images on the tv.

My question is, how do i integrate the Hyperion into Hubitat? or at least get it controllable (on and off)

I have a Home Assistant instance running on another pi (which i barely understand, but I'm trying) that can see and control Hyperion, and i know there's a way to connect HA to HE but i haven't gotten it running.
is it possible to control Hyperion with hubitat? or if not, how would i go about having HE control something that HA sees?
thank you so much!

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