Control a zwave device based on a zwave energy monitor

I have a GE zwave plug in dimmer plugged into an outlet -- let's call it Dimmer1
I want to have a zwave energy monitor plugged into a different outlet -- let's call it Monitor1
I want to switch Dimmer1 to on or off, based on the state of Monitor1.

Why? I want to plug Montior1 into a standard wall outlet and monitor whether a standard wall light switch has turned a standard lamp on or off that's plugged into the same outlet. If the lamp turns on, then I want to turn on a lamp that's plugged into Dimmer1 on a different standard wall outlet. If the lamp turns off, then I want to turn off that same lamp.

Can it be done?
What do you suggest to use as Monitor1?

Do you turn on lamp from lamp or switch on wall?

Yes, I have a standard in wall light switch that turns on a standard in wall outlet. Yes, a lamp is plugged into the outlet. So the energy monitor would be able to register current.

A little more background .. The wall switch does not have a neutral, neither does the outlet. So I'm attempting to invent a clever way to control a second lamp across the room. My hope is using an energy monitor on the wall switched outlet will enable me to control a zwave outlet across the room.

If hubitat can control a zwave outlet based on the on/off state of an energy monitor (on a different outlet), then I'm led to believe that this is possible.

That is impossible, unless the wiring is doing something against code - like using the ground conductor as the return path for the current.

A battery operated contact sensor connected to a relay can be used to detect change in power of the outlet.
Here is an example:


Tough one. You dont want to cut power to the z wave outlets (plugs). Im sure your outlet has a neutral, but maybe not your switch. Inovelli makes a switch or dimmer that doesnt need a neutral, could use that as your trigger. Otherwise, maybe a ring extender with power detection to trigger your other outlet (that would use any plug in switch, i use syvania zigbee, iris, and zooz around my house).

I might be using the wrong terms?

The wall outlet has 3 wires. A ground. A black 'load'. A silver 'neutral'.
The wall switch that controls the wall outlet has the same exact 3 wires (but no 'neutral') because it's simply opening and closing the outlet.

So ... since the wall switch is simply opening and closing the outlet circuit, it doesn't have a fourth white 'neutral' wire. Nor should it?

Here is a diagram for you to see ...

how to wire an outlet

Posting pictures of the wiring will help us propose options. If anything you can go with two smart in wall outlets and use the mirror me or simp,e automation to keep them in sync. And then replace the switch with a scene remote or Pico.

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ajones Thank you!

Yeah, the wall switch isn't controlling ceiling lights, it only toggles a wall outlet. Imagine walking into a bedroom, flipping on the wall switch, and a lamp on a nightstand turns on.

So, what I'm trying to do is turn on another outlet -- somewhere else -- when the wall switch for the lamp outlet has been turned on.

My hope is that I can toggle the other outlet by monitoring the energy from the outlet that's powering the lamp. Or any other brilliant idea!

Here's a picture of how the outlets are wired. The wall switch has the same three wires since it is toggling the lamp outlet on and off. But it doesn't have a fourth white 'neutral' wire since it's part of the outlet circuit. ...

Wall Outlet Wiring Diagram (

ritchierich Thank you! ...

Wall Outlet Wiring Diagram (

@rwin - I think what would help is posting photos of the actual wiring at the switch and outlet in question.

I say this because your description of the wiring does not match the wiring diagrams that you've posted.

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Actual outlet and wall switch ...

@rwin10 thank you for the photos, much better than diagrams. Need to confirm if you have a “half hot” outlet. See the circled copper tab, is that same tab on the right hot side of the outlet or has it been broken off?

If your outlet is indeed a half hot which I suspect it is given a single 14-2 Romex going to your switch, here is what I would personally do:

  • change wiring in outlet to send hot, neutral, and ground to the switch so you can install any smart switch there. This will be a smart with no load but supplying neutral will allow any smart switch to be installed there.
  • install a smart outlet in both of your locations where you want them switched
  • once installed setup a smart automation rule to toggle both smart outlets when the smart switch is toggled.

Another option is Inovelli just announced this scene controller that doesn’t require a neutral that can be installed in your switch location. But again this plus smart receptacles will be required in both locations that the scene controller would control.

The scene controller has many additional buttons and LEDs that you can use for other automation use cases.

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