Continuation of a four-year old discussion

Continuing the discussion from Support Contact Email:

@david how is it going with the issue you raised re: email accounts in 2019?


Hubitat has failed in so many ways that we have mostly moved away from it. Only 3 devices remaining, the other 40 devices have been thrown away. I wouldn't want to put that hell on anyone by reselling them. The email issue was resolved by no longer opening support tickets and going with a more stable solution. Was definately a fan of hubitat until there were so many problems with simple functions (i.e. motion sensor turns on a lights) that they became unusable. Mostly they just lock up and or are so slow to respond that hours later a command will work.

Thanks for the follow up.

Iā€™m sorry to hear that. I wish you had reached out here in the community sooner. Most of us find Hubitat to be very reliable. And for those that do run into issues, most can be resolved by troubleshooting here.


I purchased a C7 when it first came out and is still in operation. I never had a problem with it. I did have 2 ZWave devices crap out and flood the mesh, but that's not a Hubitat problem.


What model and what did you move to?