Contact sensors


What are people using for simple zwave door contact sensors nowadays. I have a bunch of the aotec ones (and they aren't bad), but I'm completely fed up with trying to find those ER14250 batteries that they use.

I seems that no-one makes decent batteries in this size. Order from amazon, get 10 crap batteries where 8/10 are completely dead, and none has a charge over 50%.

Yeah right, of course they are new :rage:

I have one ring Gen2 that works well, and I am just about to the point of ripping out all the aotec ones and changing them to ring ones. Thoughts?


Ugg Z-wave. I have the Dome sensor and use Soshine ICR 14500 rechargeable. I used to buy them from, but website is defunct as of a month ago.
Outside of Z-wave, what's worked well for Rich is the Visonic contact sensors, uses a CR2032 or the Iris contact sensor with a CR2 lithium or the Sylvania contact All of which would need to be purchased 2nd hand.
I think some people have used and liked the third reality contact, also Zigbee.

Finally the 14500 are available at 14500 Batteries - 3.7V Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
you'll need a lithium charger (~10 USD) if you don't own one yet.

Im in canada as well, so.. yeah.. not going to ship over border if I don't have to. I think I'm just going to order the ring from amazon. I think it just uses cr2032 batteries which are easy to get, and you can get decent ones.

Gee, I found one battery out of 10 that I ordered that shows up at 48%. sigh. Well, at least I can put the aotec back until the ring I ordered comes in.

They're ZigBee, but I really like Visonic MCT-350. Can get 10 packs: LOT OF 10 DOOR WINDOW SENSOR 2.4 GHz XFINITY XHS2-UE COMCAST/ZIGBEE HOME SECURIT | eBay

They are cheap, nicely built, work over 1" gap and also report temp.

Ecolink DWZWAVE2.5-ECO uses CR123 lithium battery. CR123 can handle colder weather better than CRS2032. Sensor also has contacts for connecting to magnets (for example.)

Fibaro FGFS-101 ZW5 (Gen5) water and temp also uses CR123. My Streamlight LED flashlights also use the same battery, thus my go-to battery.