Contact Sensors Unreliable

Anyone have any input on why I'm having some contact sensors not updating their open/close status reliably?

Brands: Iris (Zigbee) | Smartthings Multi-Purpose (Zigbee) | Dome (Z-Wave)

All of these have exhibited the issue in different locations over the last couple of weeks.

Things I have done to troubleshoot:

  1. Re-Pairing
  2. Z-Wave Repair
  3. Zigbee Heal
  4. Replaced sensor completely
  5. Battery Replacment

I have several zigbee and z-wave repeaters and most of the sensors are not more than 20ft HE so I don't think this is a mesh strength/range issue.

Generally the problem exhibits itself as the sensor getting "stuck" open even though the door/window is closed. Opening and closing fixes it, but it's kind of annoying as I use several of these sensors being used in alerts that doors/windows are left open for excessive periods of time.

Any insight would be appreciated.

I use Dome contact sensors and I find the same issue. The ones that give me grief are usually the one's associated with doors or windows I rarely open. If I have a window I haven't opened for a couple of weeks, then there's a reasonable chance the sensor will "stick."

So far the fastest method I've found is a Z-Wave repair and then pull the battery for a few seconds. I'll leave it alone for a while and then it finds it's way back home. I also see a lot of "ping" on my Z-wave devices that don't get used for a few days.

Most of mine are working, but I have a Monoprice Z-Wave contact sensor that pairs but doesn't want to update the status. I'm using the same generic Z-Wave contact sensor device type that works with other similar sensors. I've tried re-pairing to no avail. What's most troubling is this sensor is the closest to the hub compared to others that work just fine.

My Dome Contact Sensor won't report anything, open or closed.

@mike.maxwell what's needed to get Monoprice 15270, 24259, and 15268, window door sensors working? None of them work using the Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor.

I don't recognize that device, It's made by Vision Security, Monoprice units are usually made my Linear.
Do you have a link to it?, also is there an option to pair it without the security enabled?

I got the 15270 to work by taking Rboy's Smartthings driver (you have to pay a $38 one-time fee to access) and replacing everywhere in the driver that said "physicalgraph" with "hubitat". I don't think all of the states are coming through (e.g., I'm not seeing battery show up) but the contact state seems to work just fine. The driver references 15268 and 24259 as well, but I don't own those so I can't test.

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