Contact sensors - open vs closed - "reversable interpretaton option" in built-in drivers?

I've run across threads discussing reversing the interpretation of a contact sensor but I don't think I've seen an explicit request to add that as an option in the built-in drivers. I believe there are some Custom Drivers that allow this.

I can't be the only one that's ever ended up with a magnet/sensor mounting configuration (or remote wiring of a secondary contact) that reports OPEN (as it should per the electronics) when in actuality the physical door/window/hatch/pressure-sw is CLOSED due to the way the contact is being used.

To date I handle the logic within the rule...but yeah, it's confusing when someone looks at the Device's page. I can live with this if it really is a "one off" use case....but I can't believe other's haven't ended up wishing they could flip the interpretation of the state.



There would certainly be use cases for the ability to invert open/close the Zigbee and Z-Wave generic contact sensors.

Tagging @bcopeland as well for Z-Wave sensors… :blush:

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For now you can eaisly change the mapping using a custom mirror instance:


Houdini hath no deeper bag of tricks.

Didn't know about that ! Thanks.


Mike I gotta come back and give some feedback...

Having gone down the Mirroring path suggested ...I gotta say I'm still wishing I could of just changed the state interpretation of Open to Closed, and Closed to Open right in the Driver.

It's would offer less complexity & confusion when you start using this flipped state everywhere.

So I hope it's doable and on your long term To Do List.


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And it has the added advantage of showing other attributes in a dashboard tile (Ex.: battery %)

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I have a z-wave tilt sensor on my mailbox. Open is closed and closed is open. It does get confusing when writing rules.

Yeah, even using the Mirror App I'm going through correcting some mistaken misinterpretations with a new rule I had just set up yesterday that isn't behaving as it should this evening.

I use an Ecolink DWZWAVE2.5-ECO with the following contact switch to “flip” the states: Magnetic Reed Switch NC NO COM

It's actually a tilt sensor, and I have no power at the mailbox.