Contact sensor stuck in open state

I have sonoff contact sensor. Today one of them just seems to have got stuck in open state. I tried to open close the door multiple times, tested with a magnet. I went in device page and tried to just click on configure and save but nothing changed.

The sensor is right next to repeater and had always worked fine do mesh is not an issue. Last reported battery was 100%.

What might be going on?

Battery still may be the issue, have seen them go from 100% to dead without warning depending on the battery type. Have you tried forcing a wakeup - usually a small button on the sensor, but removing the battery and putting it back in sometimes works too. If that doesn’t work you could use this to “close” the contact

and then try opening the door again to see if it starts working.


The sensors are relatively new. Just installed them around 2 weeks back. They did come from China, but the battery tab was in place. So hopefully battery might not be the issue(but you never know!)

I ran your code to force its state to close, but that did not help. I opened and closed the door, but the sensor continues to report "closed" now.

Finally, I took off the sensor and brought a magnet near it. I see that when magnet near it, the red led blinks, which proves that the hardware might be sensing the close state! But, no change on device page status

As @thebearmay said this is usually due to an exhausted battery, You will need to re-pair the device to get it going again (no need to delete it just go through discovery). If it continues to get stuck, it's time to change the battery.


If the light blinks you still have some battery, but it’s signal is not either reaching the hub or isn’t recognized. Re-pairing the device like @rocketwiz suggested might be a good idea.

If this is a Zwave device, what does the RSSI show on the Zwave Details page?

Sonoff, like xiaomi, only make zigbee sensors. If they're like xiaomi's, another sure sign of low battery is that the led will not flash as you expect during the pairing process and pairing may take a few tries or not be possible at all.

Missed the Sonoff in the OP… wish the zigbee details had RSSI.

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Would be nice for sure!

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