Contact sensor review

This sensor is TWICE as good as the rest!? The BEST door and window sensor is from Aqara. - YouTube

checking out this video now, just sharing in case anyone else is interested

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I love the Aquara sensors - have one on every window. Haven’t had to change a battery yet.

That said, they don’t use a standard zigbee and some devices will throw them off the mesh. I find that the Sonoff and Ikea repeaters work great. I also found that it helps if there is a repeater in close proximity. I will typically ensure that I have either a Sonoff or an Ikea repeater in each room where I have one of those sensors. Even with this, they will occasionally lose connection. Being Zigbee, they are quite easy to re-pair and will be recognized by the hub and start working again immediately upon the completion of their inclusion.

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I've not tried the latest generation Aqara stuff, most of my contact sensors are either Aqara or MIJIA though, with a few smartthings sensors in the mix from the v2 kit I bought way back when.

I'm a big fan, they've been very reliable for me (I also use tradfri outlets around the house as repeaters) and the battery life is incredible compared to the smartthings units.

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All my contact and motion sensors are Aqara; I bring them into Hubitat as virtual devices by way of zigbee2mqtt, and they have been very stable for me on that platform.