Contact Sensor - no contact state but temp and battery reported

I have a few Hive Contact sensors that I've been migrating off smartthings. They work fine with the generic ZigBee contact device handler.

One of the sensors after adding to HE stopped reporting contact state (stuck on closed). I repaired the device and now it only reports battery and tempreature, but nothing is displayed for contact state. I've re-paired several times but no change. It's almost as if HE doesn't detect that it has this capability.

Any ideas ?


Have you made sure to tried pressing configure, in the device settings page and then moving the magnet open/closed a couple times? I have found that some devices don't fully configure during the pairing. This is especially true if it pairs as a "device" initially and you are changing the driver in the settings page.

Thats exactly what happened - it paired as "device"..

I've tried hitting configure and opening/closing - but no change :frowning:

Do you have any repeaters (mains powered zigbee devices) in your zigbee mesh? It could be that you are experiencing a loss of connectivity due to WiFi interference. I had a lot of issues like this before I added a few zigbee power plugs throughout the house to improve the mesh's strength. Another solution can be to change your zigbee channel so that it's not fighting with your 2.4ghz WiFi, other zigbee bridges (Hue, Smartthings, etc) or your neighbors WiFi.

To test this, is it possible to bring one of the problem sensors closer to the hub and then select configure and do the magnet open/close test?

Thanks - I'll give that a go

Another sign of mesh "issues" is if it takes a long time for the device to be found or initialize during the discovery process.

I think this is the issue, took it in to the same room as my hub and everything is fine. Back into the room its being used in and no updates....

... Im on channel 15 at the moment, is there a set of channels that are more problematic than others? I have a huge number of phillips hue bulbs and the sensor is in the same room as a wifi mesh node..

Thanks for your help!

In the settings page of the hue bridge you should be able to find what channel it's using. Definitely keep the HE on another channel.

You will need to know what channel your 2.4Ghz WiFi is using to be able to make a best choice. There are many WiFi analyer apps available for smartphones, this is an easy way to identify it and any other neighbors that might be causing issues.

Again beefing up your mesh will help too (zigbee mains powered devices).

Do you still have your smartthings hub up and running? If so, it is also using valuable zigbee "air space".

Zigbee channel 15 is right in the middle of the most common WiFi 2.4Ghz channels 1 and 6 so it can be a tough one to use.

Google WiFi zigbee coexistence and you'll find the info you need to find best/worst channels based on what you find in your analysis of WiFi networks.

Do you have these paired to HE or Hue? I just bought one of the door/window sensors for $18 on an Amazon Warehouse deal. Are they working reliably if the signal is strong?

@mike.maxwell Here's the fingerprint for Hive Contact Sensors. The one I received (used) seems to be defective because its own indicator light stops flashing after a few open/close cycles, and never recovered without a battery cycle. However, on initial pairing, it was working with the Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor driver. Battery, temp and contact state were shown.

I won't be using this device, but maybe someone else will.

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