Contact Sensor - Longest battery Life


Be careful....the Iris v2 lots being sold now may not come with magnets. So, be warned.


That is not long battery life in my opinion. :slight_smile: Good zigbee contact sensors go 3-5 years between replacements.


I found them here a while back.


They don't but I purchased magnets off Amazon for fairly cheap in lots of 10 to match the iris v2 sensors.


And they work? Then you're lucky.


Of course, they’re just magnets.

Aleph PS-1523 WG Surface Mount...


I just used the magnets and threw away the rest.


What brand does this? I would expect any contact sensor that also reports temperature to have a shorter battery.


They did do this, but I thought it was fixed in one of the latest updates.

Genereic Z-Wave Contact Sensor fixed double events for the following devices:

* Ecolink Contact Sensor 2.5
* Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor 2.5
* HomeSeer Contact Sensor


Same with the Xiaomi's.
Have them (20) running for 2+ years now, still on first batteries.