Contact Sensor - Longest battery Life

Be careful....the Iris v2 lots being sold now may not come with magnets. So, be warned.

That is not long battery life in my opinion. :slight_smile: Good zigbee contact sensors go 3-5 years between replacements.

I found them here a while back.

They don't but I purchased magnets off Amazon for fairly cheap in lots of 10 to match the iris v2 sensors.

And they work? Then you're lucky.

Of course, they’re just magnets.

Aleph PS-1523 WG Surface Mount...

I just used the magnets and threw away the rest.

What brand does this? I would expect any contact sensor that also reports temperature to have a shorter battery.

They did do this, but I thought it was fixed in one of the latest updates.

Genereic Z-Wave Contact Sensor fixed double events for the following devices:

* Ecolink Contact Sensor 2.5
* Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor 2.5
* HomeSeer Contact Sensor

Same with the Xiaomi's.
Have them (20) running for 2+ years now, still on first batteries.


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I ordered a batch of five MCT-350s to test out. I'm curious how the temperature reading updates on them.

Where did you order from?

eBay, lots of them on there - used and new. ~$19/ea new in quantity. or $13-15 used.

Now, they very well might be stolen off of an Xfinity or other installers truck for all I know... But I guess that is the magic of eBay...

Well, I have the MCT-350 now. Not much to say about them:

  • they are fairly small
  • pair/work just fine in Hubitat
  • Report battery, contact status, and temperature

They were new devices, battery currently says 100%. They are reported to have "up to" 5 year battery life, so I'm not sure I'll know anything meaningful on battery reporting/life any time soon...

I am curious to see how they report temperature though. Might be useful as another temp sensor... But it all depends on how it reports (presumably delta temp based, not on a schedule). No idea what the delta temp reporting setting is for them.

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OK. Looks like using the in-box driver temperature the MCT-350 reports at 1 DegC changes.

@mike.maxwell Do you know if there is a way to set the reporting to something smaller (0.5 DegC / 0.9 DegF for instance)? 1.8 DegF kind of stinks.

The driver is set to .5C change so either config didn't take or the device isn't respecting the config...

Dopey device... :angry:

Side note - it logs nothing other than "configure..." when hitting CONFIGURE, even with debug logging on. I would have expected some zigbee response logging.

I'll hit config again and see. Here is what I'm seeing now (1.8 DegF):

Responses to config come in via catchall, which for these drivers is just dropped since it's of little value.

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For the record, the temperature on the MCT-350 reports back in 1C, not 0.5C, intervals with the in-box Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor driver.

I've tried repairing, and hitting configure multiple times - always 1C between temperature reports.