Contact Sensor for Metal Door/Frame

Hi All,
Looking to find a door sensor that will work on a metal door/frame ( and look good)
I have an aeotec 6 on our back slider - which is metal but with vinyl coating - seem to work with no issue so far even though Aeotec states to not mount on the metal door (I wonder if over time the metal becomes magnetized giving false positives?).
Our front door a a metal monster with no vinyl coating.
Anyone in a similar situation find something good?

thanks -ed

Personally I use both Iris contact sensors and Ring sensors on metal windows, screen doors and my metal framed garage door, all with no issues

Give it a go, you might find similar results

Have you consider the hinge unit from Nyce? It states for use with "all doors" I've not used one, but the look 'nice' :laughing:

I think that recommendation is based more on reflection interference. That typically isn't an issue though unless you're trying to do a recessed sensor inside of a metal door where you would obviously have a reduction in signal strength.

I have two back sliders that are metal.. aluminum. I use Aeon Recessed Door Sensor gen5's. I insert the magnet into the aluminum slider and the recessed sensor into the fixed part on the wall. Because behind the metal frame, is wood. So the sensor is actually in the wood not inside a door.

I use my alarm sensors for my doors. Don't have to deal with batteries. They're the best!

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I was thinking of doing the same-- what do you use to the connect to Hubitat? It was thinking of doing it with the Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit (Retrofit Alarm Kit | Wired to Wireless Bridge | Ring) but wonder if there's a better way.

I use the Envisalink 4. I recently bought a new house that had a Honeywell Vista 20p, but replaced the alarm panel with a Vista21ip for the 4g LTE connection along with wired ethernet. AT&T is suppose to be killing off 3g sometime this year if they haven't already. I wanted something with dual reporting incase the internet went out. The monitoring is like 25 bucks a month and I have full control over the panel. Can add/change stuff as I want. The Vista 21ip supports zone doubling which I needed because I split out each sensor to its own zone so I can use the zones as individual devices in HE. I also added a few zone expansion modules. The Envisalink is nice because unlike Konnected or something similar you can bring over your wireless zones as well.



Really depends on what type of alarm panel you currently have. I don't have any experience with the ring takeover modules.

Ah that makes a lot more sense. But weird they say it for the Sensor 6 which mounts on the door, not inside anything.

I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work.

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haha - yeah "nice" is relative of course. the sensor 6/7 is the best looking door mount one I've seen. Very subtle.
But expensive. So putting that on the 'visible" doors. Other door are more typical cheap sensors.
I'll look at the hinge sensors. Doubt it will work for this particular door - if for no other reason that when I said "monster' door I wasn't kidding. It's gotta be 200+ lbs. Big ■■■ door.

Yeah - seemed like a weird "we don't want to deal with anything around that so if you put it on a metal door - we told you not too" overkill statement.

Why not just use a recessed into the door frame?

the frame around the door is also Steel. it would end up being in a steel box regardless of if I mount it in frame or door.

I have an extra Aeotec 6. I'll probably give it shot and see how iot works. once it's in place - we'll never notice it after the 1st day or 2.

You can always paint em to match.

Yep. I already have the paint from painting our yale lock from the prior door to match.
Thanks for all the advice/talk.

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