Constant Red Light, Power Cycling does nothing


I have one of the older C-4 model hubs and I guess sometime last night after midnight (it turned my hue lights off at the correct time) my hub must have become unresponsive. I noticed today when I went to go into the GUI but could not access it. This has happened a couple times since I have had the device in the almost 2 years I have owned it. But this time it's not coming back online when I power cycle the device. It just goes back to the solid red light and stays there.

I have emailed support with my MAC address but since they are not going to respond until tomorrow at the earliest I figured I would ask the community here. I hope the hub isn't dead but we shall see.

Does it respond at hub-ip:8081? If not, it's toast.

It's working now. I just had to leave it unplugged it seems for a while longer than 30 seconds.

But while I have this thread open can you point me to a comparison thread or tell me the differences between the C-4, C-5 and C-7 hubs? I don't know if there was a C-6 hub. Just curious in case I need a new one in the future.

I know the C-4 hub doesn't have all the features the new ones do but you gotta admit being able to repurpose the Z wave usb dongle is pretty nice in the event that the hub actually does die in the future.

C-6 is a special purpose Zigbee-only hub not released to the public,

C-4, C-5 and C-7 all have the same CPU, RAM and flash, although with slightly different clock speeds. C-4 has a different underlying Linux build, and different specific hardware for ethernet and USB.

C-4 and C-5 use the same Z-Wave stack, although with external and internal radios respectively, both 500 series Z-Wave radio. C-7 has internal 700 series Z-Wave radio and a new Z-Wave stack. All three hubs have the same Zigbee stack.

Thanks for that info. Also just a brief note but even though my hub is working again the led on the front is still solid red. I thought that meant it was shutdown? But whatever I'm glad it's working regardless.

Also I have been reading some threads about the C-7 and while the transition from the C-4 to the C-7 will have to be manually done for each device is the transition process in the future from let's say a C-7 to whatever comes later going to be automated or will it still be necessary to manually transition?

Thanks for the info.

It will always be necessary to manually transition from C-4 to a different model hub.

Yes I understand that but I was curious about if I'm on a C-7 will the transition to newer devices in the future be automated?

Depends on unknowns.

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Ok well atleast I saw where you mentioned that if you are on the C-5 or C-7 you can backup and restore so that's better. But thanks for the info.

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