Consolidating Preference Manager *log* Entries via Driver Code Modifications

In an effort to consolidate the *log* entries in Preference Manager, I've modified lgkahn's sendmail V2 driver to use 'txtEnable' instead of 'descLog'

Unfortunately, I'm still seeing two seemingly identical entries in Preference Manager:

Clicking into either reveals an identical title:

Preference 'Enable descriptionText logging' (name:txtEnable)

Perhaps the asterisk on the sendmail V2 Preference is the reason why I'm still seeing two entries in Preference Manager?


Probably not since the asterisk just indicates that it's a 'required' preference. You can change it to "required: false" in the driver code. If I had to guess, it's probably because of the variable name in the driver being different. You can't just change the variable name without the potential for unintended consequences.

input("descLog", "bool", title: "Enable descriptionText logging", required: true, defaultValue: true)

Although, I'm not entirely sure how Preference Manager works as I've seen device preferences that just don't show up at all.

Actually, that was the issue. Preference Manager creates separate entries for required/not required preferences that are otherwise identical.


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