Considering Voice Activation with Raspberry pi

Has anyone considered using a raspberry pi with voice module to access Hubitat without internet?
I found this:
Google AIY Voice Kit for Raspberry Pi V2 on adafruit. (I can not post a link)

It comes with the Google assistant sdk but has a module for voice recognition.

Anyone have any ideas if this would work?

I believe all of them require the internet and programmer skills. Alexa sdk does. Mycroft does. The wake word detection may be local but not much more than that. Mycroft is a reasonable size and documented project to study to see where things happen. You need some Python skills.

As I recall it requires internet access to googles servers. Essentially the AIY kit is a stripped down nest hub (I built one from the original Make Magpi magazine giveaway).

I was thinking it would work like the youtube video Ur1tzMDP97g shows. I understand the google access wants to connect to the internet. But I thought it might have a prerecorded voice command option that just would send basic information to the Hubitat via IFTTT

It's really google assistant at its core - so voice recognition is done in the cloud. Pretty sure it has no built in vocabulary.

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