Considering to switch from HA to hubitat

Hello everyone !
I am considering switching from HA to hubitat and need your help.

Right now I am using Xiaomi ZigBee sensors (door and window, motion, button and light detector) along with those sensors I am using Xiaomi camera, robot vacuum and air purifier.
For lights, I am using broadlink RF switches and tuya WiFi switches.
My boiler is working with switcher WiFi touch switch.
My bathroom heater is working with tuya WiFi touch switch (for boiler).
My ACs are connected to AC freedom app and one of them is working with sensibo.
In addition I own WiFi smoke detector by tuya and ZigBee gas leakage detector by Xiaomi.
I also have Samsung smart TV and Android TV streamers.

I control all those items with Alexa through few echo dot 3 and most of the automations are done with HA.

The problem with the HA is its complexity and the fact that it cannot support my broadlink switches and my ACs (leaving the sensibo out).
I wish to switch to hubitat in order to integrate all my devices in one place and be able to connect my automations to Alexa.
Is hubitat the right solution for me ?
Please advise.
Thanks in advance.

With that mix of devices as your installed base, I would think it would be a challenge to do what you want with Hubitat. Not to say impossible but a challenge.

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I see,
Which of the devices are integrated strate forward and which will be hard to do ?

The supported devices, which are mostly Zigbee and Z-Wave, are probably the most straight-forward ones. You can consult this list: List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation.

There are quite a few community-developed drivers and integrations but they vary in quality, performance, and support. There is no central repository of community-developed drivers and apps so you may find yourself searching.

I don't want to scare you away - and this community is amazingly supportive but I would hate to see you frustrated again.

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Thank you for your help and support !
I guess I will search for some not straight forward solutions in order to see what I shall be getting into.
Is it possible that some of the devices are not supported at all ? How often the supported devices list get renewed ?

One option is to leave a minimal stable HA setup running that supports the devices that HE doesnโ€™t and then mirror those devices into HE using one of the several HE apps available. You can also do the reverse.

HA should continue to run happily as long as you donโ€™t update. Be aware though going forward that zigbee and ZWave especially are evolving rapidly so if you do keep HA up to date work will be required on ZWave.

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