Considering C8 for Motion IFTTT w/ Tuya Lights

Hoping this is an easy one. I currently have 2023 Nest Cams and a heap of Tuya Lights.
Currently I have no hub.

I've managed to create some Tap-to-Run Automations for the Tuya lights to integrate to SmartThings. I've managed to create a recipe that goes: After Sunset if motion is detected on Driveway Camera or Doorbell Camera, Inside Lights 1,2,3,4,5,6 turn on and 5 seconds later Outdoor Lights 1 & 2 turn on.

I've got a few issues with this setup.

  1. Reliant on Motion sensor range of the cameras which is 3-4m. My Driveway for context is 30m long, so early detection via a sensor could be handy.
  2. The only way to get Tuya lights into ST is with the tap-to-run. Therefore it doesn't recognise them as lights properly so I can only switch them On. If they were recognised as actual lights, I could actually tell it to turn off after 10 mins. In an ideal world I'd like to be able to first check the light state, if OFF turn on for 10 mins then return to previous state.

I had a friend suggest a couple of resolutions. Potentially a SmartHub might be able to help resolve the Tuya issue and create a more capable recipe, hence why I'm here. Also a suggestion was Philips outdoor motion sensors could:

  1. Act as a much earlier and more reliable trigger for the lights.
  2. Extend range and reliability of the cameras, should in theory reduce battery consumption if the camera could be triggered to record by the sensor.

Really keen to know whether any of the above could be resolved with Hubitat. I've already drained a lot of hours tinkering and trying to get this all working, honestly hoping for a simple plug and play solution if possible. I know Google Cams are Matter enabled already, I don't know if the Tuya lights will get a firmware update to make them Matter capable as well and if that would resolve any problems?