Connection not secure warning

Everytime I connect to my hub through the hubitat app, I get a persistent banner with a warning across the top of the screen. It seems that chrome is taking exception with the fact that this is not a https address. I cannot get rid of the banner, I haven't found any chrome settings to whitelist the page or ignore the fact its http, I cannot find any settings in hubitat app to force an https connection. How is everyone else handling this?

Not sure if anyone has found any workarounds from within the app, but you don't need the app at all to get to the admin UI -- just navigate to your hub's IP address with whatever browser (on whatever device) you want. This is easy if you reserve a "static" IP for your hub, but it's also possible to start with to search for it if you don't and it happens to have changed.

That's what I do, and the app gets rare use from me except for things that just require its mere installation, like presence and notifications. I almost always prefer to do administrative tasks on a "full" computer but on my phone I've just bookmarked my hub's IP address (I have one reserved on my router). I'd guess most people do something similar.

As a bonus, you don't get all the extra app UI around the admin interface, just whatever your browser does, so usually a bit more usable space. :slight_smile:

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