Connection from smart meter (Norwegian HAN) connector to Hubitat

All homes in Norway now has a ´smart meter´ with a HAN (Home Area Network) connector. The HAN connector is a RJ45 where online pair is used, not to be confused with Ethernet. There are several players that market devices that connect to this port for real-time monitoring of your consumption. Unfortunately they all rely on an internet/subscription service. I am looking for a simple way to read out these values to be used for optimising my power consumption. I would like to tune a 14kW heat pump, a 15kW water heater and a relatively large fan for moving heated air around in the house. This is quite a complex task that may go beyond the typical activities in the community though. With todays high energy prices even a few 1000kWh saved is good value though.
I would then graph data for consumption and other variables together to see if it is possible to fine tune anything here.

Carl, thanks for the tip, I will check out.