Connecting to multiple hue bridges

I have 3 hue bridges and each time I have to connect to the bridge from the app I have to push the link button, which is a pain for me because they are in places that are not easily accessible, is it possible to program the hubitat to remember the link after it is established once so when i switch hubs I don't have to push the link button again.

Did you ever have any success on this front? I'm running into what sounds like a similar issue.

I started porting from smartthings but started having many questions like this but no answers. So I stopped porting. I am still sticking to smartthings till more people use hubitat and revolve these issues.
The problem I was having with hubitat with hue was each time I have to connect to a different hub I had to go push the button on the hub and reconnect every time, I have 3 hubs in inaccessible hidden locations.
The apps I have on my phone can connect to all hubs unlike hubitat. I will visit this at some point in the future when it is ready with more users.

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