Connecting Samsung Air Purifier

I recently moved from SmartThings to Hubitat and successfully migrated all Zigbee and Z-Wave devices. However I have 3 Samsung Air Purifiers connected to SmartThings via Samsung cloud. Is there any driver/app for direct LAN connection for the Samsung Air Purifier with Hubitat without going through the SmartThings hub?

Here's the link to the SamrtThings and Samsung Air Purifier connection on SamrtThings.

I don't recall seeing one. You could retain it on SmartThings and use the community Hubconnect app to link your Smartthings account to Hubitat. Not ideal but it's a solution.

Doubtful. Samsung is almost all cloud based. Even if someone integrated it into HE, I highly doubt it would be local.

With only the air purifiers left on the Samsung hub, it defeat the purpose of migrating to Hubitat and still stuck with SmartThings hub. Prefer to work on only one hub.

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