Connecting Innr Outdoor pedestal lights to hubitat

Hey Hubitat Community!

Just got some Innr outdoor Pedastle lights, however, I cannot connect them to the habitat no matter how hard I try. Innr support told me that it should theoretically work as the lights are Zigbee compatible.

Does anyone know how to add the lights to the Hub?

Many thanks

? Not heard of these, do you have a link?

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Yeah found them in the end, they look great. No UK version yet though.

I have joined innr stuff to my hub fine. So how may ZigBee devices do you have? How far from a ZigBee device are these? Do they flash when you turn them on telling you that there not joined to a hub yet. In not you may need to reset them, there should be a guide for this with them but it's often turn off and on again a few times.

I just started a few days ago, I only have a few Zigbee things connected. I'll try to move them closer to the hub, maybe this is the problem. Could be that I didn't reset them properly because they didn't flash when I tried last time.

it possible a range issue then.

give it a go. you may need to upgrade a socket (arrora) or put a zigbee plug (lidl do a cheep one) by your outside wall.

also possible, try this 1st.

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I found out the two pin waterproof to wall socket didn't work, as it doesn't give an output. Ill order one on Amazon.


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Let us know how you like them once you have them set up. They look pretty cool.

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If you have a lidl's around where you are their new ones are cheep and seem really good so far. They work are ZigBee 3.0 and are marking a good repeater.


Don't think it's in the state's it's a European company. Aldi and Lidl are two competing supermarkets, I think the founders were brothers or something like that. But am pleased to see that lidl are doing cheap good quality ZigBee 3.0 devices.

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Ah, Aldi's! Yup - I know them, they have arrived in the US.

The other brother owns the Trader Joe's chain here in the US. They evidently had a falling out at some point and split up.

Aldi is the "other one"

Yeah that's it. So do your versions sell smart stuff?

Not that I'm aware of. Trade Joe's is purely grocery - no "tech" or any HW inside those stores. I believe that Aldi's has some basic home stuff, but nothing related to smart homes that I've ever seen.

Trader Joe's is definitely staked out the higher end of the market, and has a lot of strore brand items that are high quality, and feels moderate to upscale.

Aldi's feels more like a discount store grocery store.

Yeah there both that here, but they do a random "middle isle" of hardware, toys and the like.

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