Connecting August Smart Lock Pro Z Wave Version

I’ve read through the threads about the August lock and I know there is a device handler. However, I have no idea how to connect it to HE.

It appears the August app is putting the lock into inclusion mode - but then I get a notification that it has been added to the hub. I do not see it in devices and it does not appear as a device in discover mode.

Is there something I’m missing? Is there a specific process for adding the August lock to HE?

in HE, go to devices, then discover zigbee zwave devices, then place the lock in inclusion mode using the august app.

Editing my last comment...

I just tried for about the 50th time as I read the post above and this time it worked!


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Guess it helped pressing the Z-Wave option when connecting it?
I’m looking for this one on E-Bay right now... :wink:

Same thing happened to me today. App says included but doesn’t show up in Hubitat. What did you do to get it to work? Unpair and repair 50 times??

I tried to pair my August Gen 3 Z-Wave lock with the hub at least 20 times but to no avail.
It first showed the "found a device" notification and asked permission to grant access to security keys.

Then the mobile app confirmed and I tapped okay.

To make sure it's not a poor signal issue, I put the lock on the hub.

Then it said "initializing" and got stuck there. I waited 20-25 minutes but nothing's changed.
On 1 occasion, it asked the code shown behind the lid of the lock and I entered but it still got stuck at the "initializing" step.

Do you have any suggestions?

What does the Zwave Detail Page show for 1B? If it has clusters you may only need you to go to the Device page at hit configure, if it doesn’t have clusters you’ll need to do an exclude.

The lock never shows up in he devices page.
How to I go to the Z-Wave details page?
Thank you.

Go to Settings, and you should see it