Connecting a Hue bulb?

I have four Hue play bulbs, I thougt HUE is very common on the world? how do i pair HUE play directly on de Hubitat? i tried general zigbee bulb but too bad no,

While some Hue devices can be easily paired directly with Hubitat, you might find it easier to control your lighting devices using the Hue bridge

You connect the bulbs to the Hue bridge using an app on your smartphone. The Hue bridge is then connected to Hubitat using either the system app, which is what I am using, or one of the more advanced Hue apps developed by the community.

Hue bulbs are designed to function using the Zigbee HL protocol rather than the Zignee HA protocol used by Hubitat. You might be able to get the bulbs to work without the bridge, but with the money you already have invested in Hue bulbs, I would suggest getting the Hue bridge. If you can return the Hue devices and can find standard Zigbee HA bulbs with similar capabilities, then you can connect those bulbs directly with the hub.

BTW: Since the Hubitat hub and Hue bridge both use frequencies in the same frequency spectrum, make sure they are on different Zigbee channels.

Actually, my intention was to keep all zigbee devices on one system, I am currently (with a lot of problems) trying to transfer all zigbee devices from Home Assistant to my Hubitat hub. All Zigbee devices work under the Homeassistant. If I cannot put all my devices on 1 Zigbee transmitter, there is no point in purchasing a Hue hub, I might as well leave them on the HA and then transfer them with HADB. The strength of Hubitat would lie in the better range of transmitters and of course the use of Action Tiles. Moreover, I have had HUE hubs in the past, but they all broke down and they also have limitations (such as Innr not measuring current) and some other quirks.

I know nothing about this, but was curious. I did a search here and came up with a post from 2018 that says something about factory resetting the bulb first, with some device that wasn't even in production then anymore. Have these bulbs been paired with something else previously? That's all I got.

The Hue integration is intended to integrate through the Hue bridge, but it should be possible to pair your Hue bulbs directly to Hubitat.

Is the bulb in zigbee pairing mode while the hub is also in zigbee pairing mode?

Yes, i dit factory reset it. (there are 2 options ) 1) Resetting with the four knob white hue remote, press 0 and 1 until the lamp flashes 3 times, Or if you got a switch between the device: turn 3 times on and off fast, but sometimes some brands use 4 or even 6 times.

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@walberg61 The connectivity of those is wifi with bluetooth and require the Hue bridge to work (This is similar to how their Go lights work) They are not zigbee as one would think.

You must be thinking of Philips WiZ light bars, the Philips Hue Play bars use ZigBee.

Yes i know and of course i never used Wiz. No i have the Zigbee version and i had them on a Zigbee stick

Hmm, the ones I looked at (the phillips) were wifi/bluetooth

Strange... Perhaps different model.,,.,.

8718696170724 Is the ean. Search for it. And it is Zigbee

I believe you... I must have been looking at the specs of a different mode...