Congratulations on RM 3+

This is an fantastic update. Did you hire a ringer?
Now if I could just copy these new, mind bogglingly power full new rules.

Agree! A copy function is sorely missed. I saw another post that explained it's architecturally difficult. But it would be so helpful.

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It's not architecturally difficult, it simply has not risen to the top of our list of priorities. It is on the list, and we will get to it in the future.


You guys are awesome. There was a similar topic on Stringify - that of removing a link in a flow. Wasn't possible. You had to remove a Thing and that caused some rework. They said it was tough to do and it never got done. Kinda dismissed. The fact you guys recognise the interest in these things and state that you will get to it one day (even if not prioritised today) is so refreshing.


Pop corks to Bruce and all the Hubitat team for the new RM 3.0. I made the switch about a year ago and its been the best HA decision I have made to date. Keep up the great work!

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