Confused dialog creating virtual devices

I recently had a problem creating a virtual device with the updated dialog. The issue turned out to be the "Name the device" field label is greyed out as "disabled" (same color as the disabled "Create" button) so I didn't put anything in it. This is a required field so the device couldn't be created.

Feedback: Please don't make the "Name the device" field label disabled color, just make it regular. Thanks!

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You need to select a device type first. There are many types of virtual devices. A virtual device cannot be created until a virtual device type is selected.

Unless I am misunderstanding the issue you're reporting.

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Interestingly I'm not seeing this on my C7 or C8 using chrome.
Platform version

I'm only seeing it on Firefox. Chrome seems to be OK for me also. I guess it's a browser quirk. Thanks for the feedback.

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