Confused by Setting Bulb Color

In the device screen, a bulb shows the setting under set color to be [hue:65,saturation:100,level:100].

I want to use this same color in a rule, but when I go to set a custom color in a rule, I am only given option to set Bulb level, color level and saturation level.

Where the heck is hue? Is it the same as color level? Are the levels and saturations the same?

Please advise.


Maybe color here:

It has changed from Hue or it's disappeared.

Color Level is probably HUE. In the HE developed bulb drivers, they determine color from the hue number. In this system, color is defined as Hue, Saturation, and Level. Hue is the actual color from a 0 - 100 wheel (where the hue at 0 is essentially the same as at 100). Saturation is the intensity of the color in value of 0 to 100. Level is the brightness of the bulb.

A more familiar RGB color definition translates to this Hue, Saturation, and Level (brightness).

Permit me to ask a really silly question... What are values for a bright white light? In this respect I am a n00b.

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For a RGBW bulb? I simply set the Color Temperature to my preferred value (2700 for soft white) and then set the dim level to 100.

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What bulb are you using. It is partially dependent on the capabilities of the bulb. In hubitat, most color bulbs support Color Temperature. 6500 is very bright daylight, 2700 is soft white.

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Using Sengled RGBW

Definitely good for setting color temp.

Color and Hue in this case seem to be the same thing, although I'll know more later.

The confusion, I think, is inconsistent labeling, where in some places it's hue, in others color.


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