Confused about Simple Conditions

I am coming from SmartThings using WebCore and am a bit confused about how Simple Conditions are supposed to work.

What I want to have happen is
When the Dining Room door opens if the time is not between Sunrise and Sunset turn on the sideboard light.

  1. I have setup the Trigger

  2. I have setup the Action and Condition

2a. The action

2b the Condition

Now how do I associate the Condition with the Trigger?

Currently when I open the door no matter what time it is the light comes on. Why is it not checking the condition? What am I missing here?


Why not stick with WebCore.

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The Manage Conditions section is simply a repository for the conditions you create and can easily edit them here. You must setup an conditional action in the Actions for... section.

Create New Action
Selection Conditional Actions -> Simple Condition Action
In the Simple Condition Action turn on the used defined condition slider
Complete you Simple Condition Action then define the Dim action for it to run


A new shiny toy want to try all the buttons. :grinning:

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Thank you @pseudonym I now understand you must first on the Actions set the condition then define the action.

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