Confirmation of Understanding Needed 🤪

Ok -

Before I pull the trigger and purchase hardware etc I want to make sure I understand how everything works together.

So the lights I want say they are controlled via app or zigbee.

With hubitat will that allow me to use the zen32 scene controller to dim the lights by programming the buttons? Or do I absolutely need a zigbee wall switch in order to control dimming aspect from a wall switch?

If zen32 will work and I wanted to set automations for when I am not home and I have the top button wired for on and off will the hub turn the switch on if it has been toggled off? Or if it gets toggled off is it dead until someone comes along and pushes the button again?

Thanks in advance!

Zigbee is simply a protocol. The control is done by the hub they are attached to. That is either done manually from a dashboard (lets say on your phone) or an automation rule. This applies to any device attached to the hub..

Yes... As well as a rule within automation...

Yes automation can turn on the devices directly or through the button controller or switch. Most people when not home simply use the automation to do things...


Can you provide more info on the bulbs? Just to be thorough...


Need more specifics here. Via an "app" could be bluetooth only, or Wifi only. Which may or may not be able to integrate to the hub easily. Or are you saying they are both Zigbee and have an app? Would be good to know the exact bulbs you are looking at.

Assuming your lights can integrate to the hub, Yes the ZEN32 can do anything the lights are capable of when you push the buttons. You can leave the power to the lights always on, and only use the buttons on the ZEN32 to send actions to the bulbs via the hub.

Here are my button rules for my ZEN32. You could have 4x more if you can remember what all the x3, x4 and x5 actions would do!.

Main button is fish tank, #1 is the hallway "scene", #2 single is kitchen and double tap does kitchen and family room. #3 is the goodnight button, #4 is for holiday lights (hence why it is stopped right now).


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These are the lights I want more so for the temperature control and being able to automate it at certain time of day.

Husband, not smart savy and thinks it is a waste, is adamant that we have switches "wired" so he can turn off/on and dim at the wall.

I was originally going to go caseta so everything matches but after speaking to lutron, leviton and acuity all have told me a traditional wall dimmer will not work.

Just wanting to make sure I hit as close to the mark as possible first shot out of the gate to keep peace in my house lol.

Ah yes I saw your other post with those lights linked. My family thought all my upgrades were pointless also but once you get used to it, its nice. I have motion lighting in 2 of the 3 bathrooms now and when we walk into the other one you have to remember to reach for the light switch.

And yes, correct if you have a "smart" bulb (or fixture in your case) you cannot put a normal dimmer on that as it would change the power being supplied to it and possibly destroy the circuitry (or at a minimum make it malfunction). I am not super familiar with the Caseta switches, but if they have a "Smart Bulb" mode then you could still use the dimmers. The Smart Bulb mode is where you force the switch to keep the fixture always ON even if you press the on/off or dim buttons. Instead the buttons will send events back to the hub and on the hub you can then create rules to control the devices. There are many switches and dimmers that support this type of setup including the ZEN32.

A bunch of people on here use the Caseta line up so maybe one of them can answer if they can support a smart bulb setup.

EDIT: Just thought of something else as well, I don't see those lights on the compatibility list for Hubitat. They sound pretty simple so the generic Zigbee driver may work fine. BUT I also can not really confirm any info about the Zigbee version/system they use. I believe from what I have seen elsewhere on this form you want Zigbee 3.0 protocol for the best chance that it will play nice with the hub.


My hubs also thought the hot tub I saved for years to purchase was a waste of money.....guess who is in it all the time!? He also thought installing cameras were crazy but now he is comfortable leaving our daughter home for the weekend when we go to our summer spot because we can check on her. I know once I get it all implemented he will be fine with it and likely use it just as much as everyone else.

I dont think Caseta has smart bulb mode but I will check into it and if I can find something more affordable that will fit the decora switchplates and coordinate its a huge win!!

I do know I don't think I want Bluetooth or Wifi bulbs. I have tried to find other tunable recessed but most seem to be retrofit and not new construction. I will take a list at the compatible list and see if I can find something there to look into.

Thanks for all your help!!

Unfortunately, Caseta does not have smart bulb mode. Would be cool though.

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No that would be zooz or innovelli

Get Lifx bulbs. They are superior in every way. They are wifi but 100% locally controlled with native hubitat integration.

These are some of my Zooz switches which could do what you want. The two Legrand paddles are the opposite side of a 3-way and the smart switch is in another gang box. Complete with screw-less wall plates for a clean look. Also Inovelli if they get things back in stock I believe those would work too. They are working on Zigbee switches due to issues getting zwave chips.

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Could you just wire up the switch with no load (hot wire the fixture) and then use the button events to control it? Sort of extreme, possibly not a great idea. Someone goes to put a normal bulb in there some time later and finds out it is always on wired hot!

Lifx recessed are pre-order with an Oct 22 delivery. :pensive:

My husband had a bit of a moan too when I started with smart home but he's got into it now :slight_smile:


Hue makes a tunable CT recessed light as well as an RGBW one that are compatible with Hubitat. Many people (myself included) prefer to keep Zigbee bulbs on a separate mesh because bulbs aren't necessarily great repeaters for things that aren't bulbs. Hue integration (using a Hue bridge) with Hubitat is fast and local.

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Love that expression...same w/my wife, though it wasn't a "bit of a moan," more like the roar of a confused/upset T-Rex. :wink:

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