Configure HSM button does not appear

I am running the latest software revision. In HSM the Configure Arming/Disarming/Cancel Options button is missing.

You mean this whole panel?

Did you try clicking DONE and opening it up again?


Configuring Arming, Disarming and Cancel Options

When you have configured the Intrusion Alerts you want, select Done. After setting up an alert, you will notice a few differences in the Hubitat Safety Monitor details page. At the top you will see the current armed state in orange and below the Custom monitoring rules, the configuration option Configure Arming/Disarming/Cancel Options is now available. Finally you will now see options for manually arming, disarming and changing your monitoring states.

![Screenshot of the above options(/apps/hubitat-safety-monitor/hsm-configure-arm-and-disarm-options-v2.1.png)

The screenshot no longer appears. It was there earlier today. There is no way to create a way to cancel an alarm condition, since the option button never appears.

I see there are options to cancel alerts for intrusion. Why does this not exist for water?

I may be misunderstanding your question but I'm pretty sure the "cancel alerts" settings apply to all alerts.

Please try this for me.

Create a water monitoring routine. Then tell me how to create a button to clear the alert.

The options to do that are not there as they are when you create an intrusion alert.

Thanks for the help!


This. You need at least one intrusion rule set up. Even if it's with a virtual contact sensor that never gets used. Once that's there you can configure the cancel options and they do apply to all alerts.

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