Configure Fibaro Motion Sensor FGMS-001 FW5

Does anyone know how to modify the full set of parameters for the Fibaro motion sensor (The newest Z-wave plus model)? Hubitat seems to read the paramater list, but then the exposed options that are configurable don't seem to match up.

These are the options that are configurable:

The device manual describes a lot more options such as motion blind time, pulse counter, and window time that I would like to be able to modify. I tired the Fibaro app for iOS but it only seems to work if you have a Fibaro Home Center Hub as well.

Also, is there a look up table for the parameters as listed in Hubitat in relation to what they do on the Fibaro? Thanks!

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There is a nifty little app that allows you to send raw zwave commands to a device. See this link for details... I think it will do what you want.

That's awesome, thanks!

Do you know how I would figure out which State Variable corresponds to the user guide provided by Fibaro?

This is what Hubitat shows:
State Variables

  • configVal1 : 24
  • configVal24 : 2
  • configVal2 : 15
  • configVal89 : 1
  • configVal6 : 30
  • configVal8 : 0
  • configVal9 : 200
  • refreshAll : false
  • axisZ : 7
  • axisY : 0
  • lastBattery : 1647672294
  • axisX : -6
  • wakeUpInterval : 43200
  • pendingRefresh : false
  • configVal80 : 10
  • configVal62 : 900
  • configVal40 : 200
  • configVal83 : 1000
  • configVal60 : 10
  • configVal82 : 100
  • configVal81 : 50
  • configVal22 : 15
  • configVal66 : 0
  • configVal87 : 28
  • configVal20 : 20
  • configVal42 : 0
  • configVal64 : 0
  • configVal86 : 18

There are 89 configurable variables listed in the Fibaro manual, but only the ones above are listed in Hubitat.

I installed the Basic Z Wave Tool Driver. Just switch to that driver then:

1 - open the logs in a new browser tab
2 - click "get parameter report" All parameters will appear in the log
3 - use "set parameter" to change what you want. The full list of parameters with numbers, values and byte sizes are listed in the Fibaro manual. After you send each command remember to click the button on the sensor to wake it and accept the change. The changes will appear in the log.
4 - On completion - switch back to the previous driver. Just don't click configure or you'll overwrite what you've changed with the values in the preference panel

I did this with all of my Fibaro kit and I keep a spreadsheet that lists the parameters and values for each device.

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This worked perfectly, thank you!

Also for anyone else working with this...under Set Parameter the parameterNumber is always 2 digits, size also requires 2 digits, and value can be 1-2 digits (depending on the size in bytes). See example screenshot.

Also note that when you switch back to the Fibaro Driver, the State Variables list will still be incomplete (it won't show all configurable variables from 1-89). However, the Get Parameter Report using the Z-wave Tool Driver will show the complete list.

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